"Please sir, can I have some more?"

Oh boy! We get OJ!

Truman’s toothy grin only came out around his birthday

H.W. showing the world how to eat tamales the Texas way.

Senator Ed Hernandez sneaks a sandwich

Senator Ed Hernandez sneaks a sandwich

Ted Kennedy knew they were after him. He knew they wanted his ice cream.

Hey Tip, gimme a piece of that sweet cake. Jimmy Carter likes a man in a tux.

And this, my fellow americans, is a failure sandwich

I Am a Winner

YOU ARE A WINNER. You totally won that election. Treat yoself

Comfort Cookie

What could be more comforting than a cookie that both tastes delicious, and reinforces your positive chin-self-image? It’s been a hard week….

Dear King Mohammed of Morocco, why did you give me a bowl of sour milk? Love, Eisenhower.

Bush had always wanted to eat lunch with the cast of star trek


The horses are reaching the finish line. No matter who wins, at least now we know that they are both bad at eating while being photographed. All is equal in the end. NOTHING REALLY MATTERS BUT FOOD

Maybe this will cheer me up. Todd Aiken can really drag a guy’s party down…